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Giving back to your professional organization is easy. Whatever your interest, KAHCE has a committee that needs your help. Most committees function via conference calls, requiring little if any travel. Please review the committee list below with the corresponding charges.

  • ADVANCEMENT – Provide support for members advancing to Fellow and re-certifying.
  • BI-STATE KANSAS CITY LOCAL PROGRAM COUNCIL – Provide value-added educational programs and networking opportunities in the Kansas City metro area.
  • COMMUNICATION – Provide current, relevant and timely ACHE and KAHCE news, announcements and information.
  • EDUCATION – Provide value-added educational programs to offer at in-state venues.
  • FINANCE/AUDIT – Provide ongoing responsible fiscal oversight and management for chapter income and expenses and to financially support KAHCE programmatic goals.
  • MEMBERSHIP – Increase membership and engagement.
  • MENTORING – Provide mentoring opportunities for students, new grad and early careerists and to offer leadership coaching opportunities for mid-careerists and new C-suite execs.
  • MILITARY/V.A. – Reinforce and expand membership and engagement of military/V.A. healthcare leaders.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS/RECOGNITION – Recognize member contributions to the goals of ACHE and KAHCE and to the field of healthcare leadership.
  • SPONSORSHIP – Increase corporate sponsorships to offset chapter expenses and to partially fund scholarships and gifts.
  • STUDENTS/EARLY CAREERISTS – Support engagement of students and early careerists.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN ROLE – Do you see gaps in our events, membership or offerings, and you have skills you can use to assist in improving KAHCE? We’d love to hear your ideas!

To volunteer, simply complete the following form.