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The Kansas Association of Healthcare Executives (KAHCE) is pleased to announce that scholarship applications for ACHE Student Membership Dues are now open! We are inviting you to apply for the chance to join a network of reputable healthcare administrators in your area at no cost. This is a unique offering that serves as an excellent opportunity to improve upon your professional development.

Why Join?

The American College of Healthcare Executives consists of over 40,000 healthcare leaders throughout the country. Joining the Kansas region of this organization will allow you to participate in unique opportunities to further your professional education. These opportunities include –

Networking opportunities: Members of KAHCE will become a part of the larger American College of Healthcare Executives network (ACHE), which is comprised of over 40,000 members. Through mentoring opportunities, seminars, meetings, and LinkedIn groups, there are several opportunities to connect and learn from healthcare administrators whose shoes you will be in after graduation.

Educational Seminars: There are over 150 educational programs on some of the most pressing topics in healthcare management today. A significant aspect of ACHE is the dedication to continuous education and staying up to date on the innovations that frequently occur in healthcare.

Congress on Healthcare Leadership: This conference attracts over 4,000 of the top leaders in healthcare administration annually. The event offers more than 140 educational sessions for career and leadership growth, with countless opportunities to build your network. As a student member of ACHE, you will have the chance to apply for scholarships to cover costs associated with the event.

Career Services: Through the Career Resource Center, ACHE helps provide members with tools that will help increase their marketability, manage their careers, and ensure they are prepared for their next phase of professional development. Career Services also include interview prep tools, career transition services, career and leadership networks, and more, which you can find at ache.org/CareerResources

Publications: ACHE offers additional learning opportunities through ACHE’s regarded magazine Healthcare Executive along with its two journals, the Journal of Healthcare Management, and Frontiers of Health Services Management.

Access to Committees Enhancing Professional Development: Through subcommittees within ACHE, students can network with administrators in their area and contribute to the growth of KAHCE. Some of these committees include the education committee, membership committee, and more.

Application Criteria

Note: Scholarships awarded after November 2022 will cover 2023 dues in full.
Deadline to submit: December 2nd, 2023

First Year Student Requirements

    • Must be enrolled in a university program that is tailored toward Healthcare Administration / Leadership
    • Resume’ / CV submission
    • Essay submission – “How do you feel ACHE & KAHCE would benefit you as a student and in your career?”
    • o Include Career Aspirations
    • Join and participate in a KAHCE committee

Non-First Year Student Requirements

    • Must be enrolled in a university program that is tailored toward Healthcare Administration / Leadership
    • Resume’ / CV submission
    • Join and participate in a KAHCE committee
    • Essay submission – How have you utilized the benefits of KAHCE so far and what other plans do you have for the upcoming year?”
    • Assist board members with presentations at universities
    • Participate in one additional activity
    • o Be assigned a mentor
      o Community volunteerism
      o Attend chapter educational events
      o Write an article for the chapter newsletter
      o Recruit fellow student members

Please email all scholarship materials to Alex Lemcke at alemcke@saintlukeskc.org